Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cundiff saves Ravens from mid-winter trip to Indianapolis

The entire Baltimore roster rejoiced Sunday afternoon following kicker Billy Cundiff’s missed field goal with seconds remaining in the AFC Championship Game, saving the Ravens from a mandatory mid-winter trip to cold and desolate Indianapolis.

Papa John’s issues controversial receipt calling John Harbaugh ‘third best coach in family’

"This is not something we condone," said Papa John's in a press release. "We expect all of our employees to adhere to strict company standards. It is clear that John Harbaugh is the second best coach in the family. We expect our employees to accurately reflect the accomplishments of our customers.

Plagued by turnovers, Ryan switches Jets to Ravens-style ‘All Defense Offense’

“I invented the All Defense Offense,” Ryan declared. “I won a Super Bowl ring with the All Defense Offense. I made it work in Baltimore, and I can make it work here."