Monday, July 15, 2024

Heckler Video: Jon Lieber talks about signing a fan’s Old Style 12-pack

In this special edition of Fans in Cool Places (talking about) Drinking Beer, The Heckler's Ethan Blumenthal talked with former Cubs ace Jon Lieber about playing as himself in video games, his 2001 20-win All Star season and signing a fan's Old Style 12-pack at the 2020 Chicago Cubs Convention.

Heckler Video: Rick Telander on riding the rails, writing the 15th-best sports book of...

Rick Telander talks with Brad and Ethan at V's Barbershop in Bucktown about a wide ranging list of topics: riding the rails in his youth, the time Michael Jordan's mom made him...

New Video & Podcast: Scoop Jackson interview

Scoop Jackson talks with Brad and Ethan at V's Barbershop in Bucktown about his new book “The Game is Not a Game,” working on the Nike Kaepernick campaign, MLK Day celebrations, why white people should talk more about race amongst themselves, sneaker culture, his time at SLAM magazine, and much much more.

Emergency Podcast: A real-life epidemiologist answers our dumb questions

Brad’s friend Nick Davis is the only epidemiologist we know so we invited him on to talk about how much we should be freaking out right now.

Wellness Check Podcast: Rick Telander

We’re a week into the quarantine so we figured we’d check in with some friends to see how they’re doing.

Wellness Check Podcast: Ethan from The Heckler

Quarantine continues so Brad checked in with Ethan from The Heckler. Listen here!