MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred doubled down on previous criticisms of MLB players Saturday, blaming them for participating in his confounding attempt to salvage a season in 2020.

“I cannot believe any of our players and team staffers attempted to live a normal life during a global pandemic and then went back to their teams to play games and earn a living,” said Manfred. “How could they let this happen while participating in the 60-game season setup that I created?”

Unlike the NBA, NHL, MLS, NWSL and WNBA, Major League Baseball has attempted to reboot its league without a “bubble,” and the results have been disastrous. The Marlins and now Cardinals have missed a significant amount of time due to major outbreaks. Manfred

“We put out a 130-page book of guidelines for our players should conduct themselves,” said Manfred. “While we didn’t expect anyone to read them — hell, I sure didn’t — and none of those guidelines had any ramifications if violated, it’s up to the players to avoid contracting this highly contagious virus that medical professionals are still learning about every day.”

Added Manfred: “I can’t be the one to take responsibility for the system I created.”