Today’s Wellness Check is with another super-interesting guy, Vinnie Avila. Listen here!

He and Brad met a year or so ago when Brad strolled into Vinnie’s workout class at 360 Active Recovery about three minutes late and have become fast friends since. They soon discovered they have many mutual acquaintances because Vinnie has spent more than 20 years as a vendor at the United Center, Soldier Field, “Comiskey,” and Wrigley, where he still works today (well, not “today” today, but you get the point). 

Brad and Vinnie talked about a bunch of interesting stuff, including how they both married out of their leagues, the keys to staying active during the doldrums of the quarantine, how Vinnie’s family and business are adapting to the quarantine, his first memories of going to Wrigley and noticing the vendors, what it felt like walking out of Soldier Field with $300 in his pocket after his first time vending in 1999, what he would sacrifice for the quarantine, and much more.

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