The NFL today said it plans to move forward with the 2020 season as scheduled because contracting coronavirus is far from the worst thing that could happen to someone on a football field.

“We of course don’t want our players to contract a deadly virus, but let’s be honest here,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “Between concussions and debilitating injuries, contracting COVID-19 is nowhere near the worst thing that could happen during one of our games.”

Goodell said people need to keep the “bright side” of a coronavirus outbreak among players.

“If we have a bunch of players miss time while recuperating from a virus attack, they’ll be better-rested for the rest of the season,” said Goodell. “And if there’s one thing we care about, it’s keeping our players safe and well-rested.”

Added Goodell: “It’s the only way we can force them into my ideal scenario which is a 20-week season.”