As quarantine drags on, many (if not most) of us are dealing with a wide variety of mental health issues so we figured it would make sense to bring in an expert to help make sense of this. Today’s guest is clinical therapist Danielle Kepler. Listen here!

Brad and Danielle talked about how the quarantine is impacting her both personally and professionally, how she can relate to her clients, how it is sharing her home with her husband and cat during the quarantine, some self-care tips, the interesting routine she’s been sticking to, how feeding the fear of going outside can make anxiety worse, some tips on proper use of social media and consumption of news and alcohol and drugs, how quarantine tips might vary based on an individual’s circumstances, what (if any) positives there are in this situation from her perspective, and of course what she would sacrifice for the quarantine to come to a prompt and responsible end (Brad suggested sacrificing Dr. Drew so you’ll have to listen to find out what she said).

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