With his three-batter minimum rule scheduled to hit the books for 2020, MLB Commissioner Rob Mandfred admitted Tuesday that he’s never attended a baseball game.

“I’ve always meant to, but I’ve been too busy tinkering with the league’s rules to actually get to a game,” said Manfred. “I occasionally will have them on TV in the background when I’m working in my office. Does that count for anything?”

Having never attended a game in person, Manfred only has third-party accounts to consider when shaping the future of the sport.

“A guy at my barbershop told me once the games are too long, and he was wearing a Mets hat so I assume he knows what he’s talking about,” said Manfred. “Because of him, we’ve done things like make intentional walks automatic and limit the number of mound visits each game. Our research shows this has shaved nearly a minute off each game. The fans must be happy with that.”

Added Manfred: “But I guess until I get to a game I’ll never really know for myself.”