Telling Yu Darvish on Twitter Friday “Nobody needs help facing you,” Brewers slugger Christian Yelich later acknowledged that he cheats anyway because it’s fun.

The Brewers are getting caught up in the Astros sign-stealing scandal. Unlike the Astros — who went on to win the 2017 World Series when they allegedly cheated — the Brewers have never won a championship and insist they only steal signs for noncompetitive reasons.

“I’ve won an MVP trophy so it’s not like I need to cheat due to a lack of talent,” said Yelich. “I do it because I find it thrilling.”

Yelich added that teammate Ryan Braun’s 2011 failed PED test had nothing to do with playing better on the field.

“People don’t know this about Ryan, but he’s a big medical buff,” said Yelich. “He only took steroids because he loves needles.”