A day after news broke that 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify failed a drug test just before the Kentucky Derby, those who have known the horse best admit to missing warning signs about its drug use.

“Now that I think of it, he did bulk up tremendously during that amazing Triple Crown run,” said trainer Bob Baffert. “At the time I thought it was all the time he was spending in the weight room but looking back on it, I should have known there was more going on.”

Justify’s jockey Mike Smith also now sees the warning signs he missed.

“Prior to that Triple Crown run, Justify was just your normal mild-mannered horse,” said Smith. “But then he started having these terrible mood swings, had bad acne all over his body, his testicles got tiny, and probably most damning, he for some reason became very good friends with Brewers slugger Ryan Braun.”

Added Smith: “Plus, we were beating the competition by like half the track. I really should have known something was up.”