Horse racing — known for being the world’s most pristine sport — was rocked Wednesday by the revelation that 2018 Triple Crown-winner Justify failed a drug test prior to the Kentucky Derby.

“I am so ashamed we let this happen,” said Kentucky Horse Racing Commissioner Eddie “Knuckles” Langley. “Horse racing has a long history of integrity that must be upheld above all else.”

Justify was trained by Bob Baffert, who has more than 2,800 career wins to his credit. Baffert also expressed disbelief at the news.

“Horse racing is right up there with FIFA, the NCAA, and Major League Baseball in the ’90s and 2000s when it comes to conducting itself with honor and good faith,” said Baffert. “I’m shocked and outraged that Justify would attempt to gain an unfair advantage and then cover up two failed drug tests for more than a year.”

Added Baffert: “We can’t let horse racing get a bad name. Next thing you know, every year thousands of horses around the world will be getting hopped up on painkillers and steroids only to be euthanized on the track immediately after suffering debilitating injuries. We just can’t have that. This isn’t the NFL!”