The Cubs have shaken up their management ranks, firing Joe Maddon for road games only and replacing him with whomever fans feel is fitting at the moment.

“Our road struggles this year are tough to fathom and our fans have made it clear this is unacceptable,” said President or Baseball Operations Theo Epstein. “Many of them seem to hate Joe after we struggle on a road trip and are eager to replace him with any number of people.”

However, Epstein noted those same fans seem to love Maddon while the Cubs are enjoying yet another successful home stand.

“Keeping our fans happy is a top priority,” said Epstein, “even if many of them spout off opinions that are mostly nonsense.”

As a result, Maddon will no longer make road trips with the team, instead the club will occasionally be managed by apparent fan favorite Joe Girardi. Other times they’ll be managed by retired catcher David Ross. Sometimes Epstein will have the team managed by a particularly opinionated fan of his choosing.

“There are lots of people online who always seem to know better than Joe,” said Epstein. “Why not give some random retired police officer from Aurora or a life-long fan who doesn’t like the shift despite its major statistical advantage a chance to do better than Joe since they all think they’re smarter than him anyway?”