Earlier this week Cubs owner Tom Ricketts reported to Mesa for the start of Spring Training and faced a barrage of questions about the politically charged emails from his father that were leaked by the media earlier this month.

Tom Ricketts has responded to the tough spot in which he’s found himself by trying to make everyone happy. He was seen wandering around the team’s training complex early Wednesday seemingly supporting polar opposite causes, including those identified as pro-choice, anti-abortion, Black Lives Matter, the NRA, LGBTQ, and the Make America Great Again movement.

“I think I’ve always done well toeing the line,” said Tom Ricketts, “and then my dinosaur dad’s AOL account gets hacked and the whole thing blows up in my face. I’m not sure what I need to do.”

Added Ricketts: “We brought a World Series championship to these people. Isn’t that enough?”

Image by Pat L.