The Bears today brought in a kicker who will challenge Cody Parkey, though all the team is sharing is that he’s “Not Cody Parkey.”

“Seriously, we could have signed just about anyone,” said GM Ryan Pace. “As long as it’s anyone but Parkey, I’m happy.”

When asked by a member of the media for the newly signed kicker’s name, Pace said he honestly didn’t know.

“I have looked at so many kickers in the last two weeks that I have no clue who we wound up bringing in,” said Pace. “It could be Kevin Butler for all I care. Again, as long as it’s not Cody Parkey.”

When asked if by chance the newly signed kicker was Robbie Gould, Pace had a definitive answer.

“Gould?” asked Pace. “Nope. Never considered the guy.”