Like many Bears fans, head coach Matt Nagy is glued to the weather forecast in anticipating of Sunday’s playoff game against the Eagles. However, the reason for Nagy’s motivation is a little different.

“I just hope it’s warm enough for me to wear my lucky Bears visor,” said Nagy. “I got it at the start of the season and promised myself I’d wear it for our first playoff game.”

Added Nagy: “This one’s different than the regular visors I usually wear.”

Nagy’s “lucky visor” is a novelty hat with cartoonish orange hair sewn in the top. In addition to the hat’s flair, Nagy said he’s looking forward to feeling young again.

“It’s been a while since I had a full head of hair,” said Nagy. “I’m betting that this visor will make me feel like I’m 29 again, right when I was crushing it in Arena Football but before I was unemployed.”