It turns out that even the happiest of times can’t keep couples from falling out of love. Sister Jean, team chaplain for the Loyola Chicago Ramblers, who has become a national celebrity in recent weeks, has ended her relationship with singer/songwriter Drake despite being together for almost a full week. That’s because there’s a new man in her life, heartthrob playboy A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although Sister Jean and Drake looked strong while Loyola Chicago advanced to the Sweet 16, there was no guarantee the two would ever remain together. As her beloved Ramblers won two more tournament games to advance to their first Final Four in over 50 years, Sister Jean decided she had had enough of Drake and and she was onto bigger and better things.

That’s when she capitulated to the furious advances of Leonardo DiCaprio, the critically claimed Oscar winner (finally) who was desperate to make her acquaintance. Friends of the A-list playboy and grunting bear fighter are confirming that this is it for Leo. He’s finally serious about commitment for the first time in his life.

With that said, he totally understands that there are some rules with his new found romantic interest:

– First and foremost, no talking on game day. NO TALKING!!!!
– Secondly, no asking Sister Jean for tickets. The Good Lord will provide, but not for bandwagon fans.
– Lastly, Sister Jean promised not to ask Leo about his previous lovers provided he doesn’t ask her about Drake, or the other man she once dated long ago, the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B.

With Paparazzi looking to snap their first photo of Hollywood’s hottest couple, rumors continued to swirl that “JeanCaprio” were heading to the Final 4 in San Antonio on a private coach aboard the Chattanooga Choochoo or the Savoy Express.