Blown away by the Chiefs’ 21-point first half against the Titans in the playoffs Saturday, Ryan Pace knew he had his man. Kansas City offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was going to be the next Bears’ head coach.

“The K.C. offense was clicking on all cylinders that first half,” said Pace. “I sent Matt an offer at halftime and he immediately agreed.”

The unthinkable then happened as the Chiefs got shut out in the second half and blew a 21-3 halftime lead, losing 22-21.Despite the heart-breaking loss and second-half offensive drought, Pace remains confident he made the right choice.

“Matt had only a few offensive weapons this year and made Alex Smith look like a hall-of-famer,” said Pace. “If I can manage to draft a wide receiver who isn’t injury prone or otherwise completely useless, maybe Matt can get us to seven or eight wins next year, which is the kind of sweet success we haven’t seen at Halas Hall in half a decade, so that’s something, right?”