Severely fatigued after Thursday’s grueling late-night ALDS Game 5 win in Washington, the Cubs petitioned the league office today to see if the start of the NLCS can be pushed back.

“Look, we’d love to start the series right away, we really would,” said a champagne-soaked Joe Maddon, “but at this point we’ve got to get our guys fully rested if we want to compete with the Dodgers.”

Added Maddon: “We’re not looking for much. Maybe we just start the series in a week or two.”

The commissioner’s office had yet to officially respond to the request but a spokesperson said there “wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell” the series would get pushed back to accommodate the Cubs.

“Joe only has himself to blame for his team being exhausted,” said the spokesperson. “This series should have been a sweep that ended on Tuesday. Does Joe really have to keep putting Carl Edwards out there? That guy blows leads like crazy.”

Added the spokesperson: “Try not to suck? Are you sure about that Joe?”