Inspired by the hysteria around Saturday’s Mayweather-McGregor fight, Mike Tyson announced plans today to take on another fighter with no boxing experience, as the former heavyweight champion will go toe-to-toe with a kangaroo later this year.

“Seeing Floyd make all this money fighting a guy who’s never boxed before got me thinking,” said Tyson at a press conference announcing his upcoming bout with a kangaroo known as Mr. Didgeridoo. “If this abomination of boxing can grab attention, maybe I should get involved in my own abomination of boxing.”

Like Mayweather’s opponent Connor McGregor, Mr. Didgeridoo has no formal boxing experience. The kangaroo hails from Sydney where he’s known as the “Marsupial Mauler” in Australia’s popular Kangaroo Fighting League or KFL.

Unlike in the KFL, Mr. Didgeridoo will not be able to use his lethal “Tornado Tail Whip” against Tyson. The move has garnered him 42 knockouts on his way to a career record of 52-0 in the KFL. Tyson promises the bout will still be closer than many boxing experts anticipate.

“Yes, I used to be the greatest of all time, but now I’m out of shape and haven’t fought in more than a decade,” said Tyson. “Plus, this kangaroo has a better chance than most of the patsies I took on when Don King was in charge of my career.”