Bears quarterback Mike Glennon is currently staring down his primary receiver, regardless of when you might be reading this.

“Once I lock eyes with a receiver, it’s on. That’s where I’m going with the ball,” said Glennon. “In fact, I’m looking at Kevin White right now. I have been for the last 35 minutes.”

Glennon, who struggled in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, refuses to look off defenders.

“They might get confused or something, and I wouldn’t want that,” he said. “It’s not fair. Plus, my arm isn’t the strongest, so it’s really best if I just focus on trying to hit one guy per play with a pass.”

Even his own receivers think it’s weird.

“It’s creepy, man,” said tight end Zach Miller. “I was at lunch the other day and I look over and see Mike just eyeballing me. Like, not even blinking. I asked him if something was wrong and he just kept staring.”

It’s only preseason, but Glennon already leads the league in SPPA (Staredowns Per Pass Attempt) with a stellar .94 rating. This prowess backfired against the Cardinals, resulting in a number of pass breakups and an unfortunate interception in the red zone that was returned into Bears territory.

“These things are going to happen. I’d be more worried about it if I was playing for my job, but I’ve got that nailed down for at least a few months,” said Glennon. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go look at Kendall Wright for two straight hours.”

Heckler George