Following his solid performance against the Denver Broncos in Thursday night’s preseason game, Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky has ignited the local fanbase. But many are calling for cautious optimism.

“Yes, he did that against the Broncos’ second and third stringers,” admitted Bears fan Bob Borowski. “Which is why I’m not predicting double-digit Super Bowl rings. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he even got to eight. Six or seven seems more realistic.”

Trubisky, who went 18-25 with 166 yards passing and a touchdown, looked to be in total command of the offense for each series. He mixed in pocket passes with accurate bootleg tosses, and even earned some first downs with his legs.

“Pocket presence of Brady, arm of Rodgers and legs of Barry Sanders,” said Borowski. “Again, we gotta be careful reading too much into one game against a lot of guys who won’t even make the Broncos roster, but this might be the greatest debut for a QB since, well, ever.”

According to head coach John Fox, Mike Glennon will still be the Bears starter for the second preseason game, despite a passer rating of 0.0 on Thursday.

“We’re going to give Mike another few weeks of pretend opportunities, then turn it over to Mitch so we can win that first championship in February,” said Fox. “Assuming he can overcome my typical late-game collapses and mental errors, we could be looking at a dynasty.”

Heckler George