First it was the presidential election. Then it was the threat of a global market meltdown. Now it’s something much more serious. Fake news websites around the world have been claiming for weeks the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

Upon first glance, the average reader would know this just can’t be real. For starters, The St. Louis Cardinals usually win a World Series every 5 years because they’re such a “classy, well-run organization,” unless of course they get caught hacking the Houston Astros player database. Also, the San Francisco Giants are usually entitled to win the World Series, provided it’s during an even year.

Then you have teams like the Yankees and Dodgers that really need a World Series victory to make their fans feel joy and euphoria for anywhere from 10-15 whole minutes.

Yet as you continue searching the fake news websites, there are pictures of Cubs players everywhere celebrating a World Series title. Cynics out there may question the authenticity of a photo of shirtless Cubs players drinking with Bill Murray at an SNL after-party, however the fact is, if you can’t trust journalists with ties to the Russian mafia and a bunch of Macedonian teenage party kids with IP routers, then who can you trust.