As The Heckler’s Cubs buzz wears down (a bit?) and the Bears buzz fizzles like a wet sparkler, we’re reminded Chicago has other teams with proud traditions of winning once in a while. Today we look back on an unfortunate soul who found himself on the fringes of some of those victories.

This week, we recall Martin Havlat.

Played for:
Chicago Blackhawks, 2006-2009

Hockey old.

Injured reserve. Occasional winger.

Biggest on-ice accomplishment:
Once jumped over the boards without injuring self.

No, seriously:
No. Seriously.

Career low point:
2009: Played rock-paper-scissors with Dale Tallon to negotiate length of contract.

Career low point runner-up:
2015: Attempted comeback with St. Louis Blues.

Should have been:
Olympic curler.

Jonathan Toews remembers:
“Marty had problems getting on the ice while he was here, but we were always rooting for him. He got so damn good at Mario Kart. It made Hjalmarsson crazy.”

Fans will remember:
Signing Marian Hossa.

Da Coach says:
Two middle fingers in the ears. He’s not listening. Hates hockey.

Where is he now:
Skating gingerly. Waiting for Stan Bowman to feel nostalgic.

Bandwagon Dan