As the Chicago Bears endure another tough season and the Cubs celebrate a historic one, we’ve decided it’s time to look back. To the future, you say? No, weirdo. To the colorful past and all the Chicago athletes who have graced our fields of play, from the great to the merely memorable.

This week, we recall Steve Stenstrom.

Played for:
Chicago Bears (1995-1998)

Quarterback. Kind of.

Biggest on-field accomplishment:
Rushed for 79 yards in 1998.

Career low point:
Forgot to tip valet driver one time.

Why do you remember his name:
Nobody’s sure.

Urban legend:
If you say his name three times while looking into a mirror nothing happens.

Favorite meal:
Probably steamed chicken and broccoli or something.

Erik Kramer remembers:
“Stand up guy. Solid player. We’re talking about Moses Moreno, right?”

Da Coach says:
Three middle fingers up.

What is he up to now:
Still backup quarterback in our hearts.

Bandwagon Dan