The Chicago Bears are mired in the middle of yet another humiliating season, but it’s your Facebook friend that should be truly embarrassed after he made a lame joke about the Bears’ recent spate of drug suspensions.

“They aren’t taking ENOUGH is the problem!” your buddy posted, following the news that Jerrell Freeman became the second Bear in a week to be suspended for PED use. “Either that or they obviously weren’t working LOL!”

According to Facebook analytics, it was the 8,212th time someone made that joke in the last week.

Freeman joined receiver Alshon Jeffery with his own 4-game suspension, leading many to wonder just what is going on within the Bears organization as the team becomes a laughingstock of the league.

“They can’t even get the right steroids!” one Bears fan Tweeted, mistaking his comment as some form of original humor. “You know who should be taking performance-enhancing drugs? Jay Cutler! Ha ha ha! What a bum.”

Fans have also been floating around one-liners about Freeman just taking the drugs to get out of playing for this awful team a few weeks. Some have even suggested coach John Fox should take some PED’s as well, either to improve his coaching or so he too can enjoy a break from the team.

Officials at Halas Hall weren’t laughing, however. News of the suspension comes amid rumors the Bears are looking to clean house just two years into a new GM and coaching regime. Your friends on social media are still trying to figure out ways to make jokes about that.