Just minutes after his Cubs locked up the 2016 World Series Anthony Rizzo’s cell phone started blowing up with texts from Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford.

“I was like ‘Anthony, I [expletive deleted] got this bro,'” said Crawford. “Let me write you’re mother [expletive deleted] rally speech. I’ll write the speeches for everyone on the mother [expletive deleted] team. Buncha beauties!”

Crawford of course will forever be remembered for his intoxicated, expletive-filled speech after his Hawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013. Even if Rizzo or any other Cubs doesn’t take up Crawford’s offer to write their speeches, he has some unsolicited advice for them.

“First off, you gotta get black-out drunk,” said Crawford. “It helps if you have someone like Patrick Kane pouring Jack Daniel’s directly in your mouth.”

Added Crawford: “Wear sunglasses and bring a wrestling championship belt too.”