In the frenzy of Saturday night’s postgame Wrigleyville celebration, Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts made World Series ticket promises to hundreds of strangers that he is now severely regretting.

“I can’t believe what I did,” said Todd Ricketts. “People I don’t even know are calling and texting asking when they can pick up their tickets. Why did I give them all my cell number?”

Ricketts let the enthusiasm of the Cubs’ National League title — as well as a copious amount of mixed drinks — get the best of him. He’s now completely unaware of how he’s going to approach the situation.

“I know I’m technically a part owner, but let’s be honest: Tom doesn’t let me do anything important with this team,” said Ricketts. “I don’t even have an office; just a tiny cubicle next to the men’s room. How am I going to get hundreds of tickets for all these people?