Much has been made about Leonard Floyd’s weight since the Bears drafted the undersized OLB with the ninth pick of the 2016 NFL draft and whether he would hold up against much larger offensive linemen in the pros. Some questions were answered Thursday morning during the team’s pregame walk thru at Cleveland’s First Energy Stadium when a Lake Erie wind gust carried the wispy Floyd several hundred miles away into Pennsylvania. He was found safe in a bed of bushes near an Amish village outside the city of Lancaster. Several teammates were stunned at what they witnessed.

“It was like that house in the Wizard of Oz,” said Akiem Hicks, a fellow member of the Bears’ defense. “He took a couple spins and a few twirls and the dude was gone. There was nothing we could do.”

Former Bears wide receiver Bernard Berrian, who would often disappear when he turned sideways, recalled a similar situation happening to him as a rookie while visiting Cleveland for a game against the Browns in 2004.

“Man that lake breeze can get pretty strong and that smell is something awful,” said Berrian. “I’m just glad the good people of Canada helped me get back to the U.S. after I dropped from the sky. It’s damn cold up in those parts.”

Jeremy Barewin