It’s another day and another injury for former league MVP Derrick Rose. With his latest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test scheduled for Monday morning – his 347th such exam over the past five years – Rose has decided to take up permanent residence in the MRI machine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Working closely with his doctors, they have determined that Rose will remain in there for the next three to five years.

“Man, this is going to be tough,” said Rose, who lugged a small house plant and several crayon drawings from his kids into the MRI tube with him. “I just hope Reggie will come and visit me on occasion.”

While doctors are a little uncertain how radiation from the MRI will affect the Bulls guard over such a long period of time, Rose seemed confident that he would be as good as new after the long hibernation.

“I’m getting older, my bones are creaky, and I really need the rest before free agency hits,” said Rose. “I just hope that I wake up in time to see my kids graduate from high school.”

Jeremy Barewin