Fresh off his trade to the Yankees, Starlin Castro hadn’t even had a chance to say farewell to his now-former teammates before those same Cubs began jostling for Castro’s super-catchy walk-up song.

“I already play everyone’s walk-up song whenever I want so it clearly should be mine,” said first baseman Anthony Rizzo while sunning himself on a Miami beach with a pair of bikini models next to him. “It seems pretty straightforward to me.”

Castro’s walk-up song, “Ando En La Versace” by Domincan singer Omega, gained notoriety throughout the 2015 season as teammates and fans vigorously clapped to the beat while the shortstop-turned-second baseman walked to the plate. Now the battle is on to inherit it.

“I get that Rizz is the field general of this team and all, but I’m by far the worst hitter on this team and I need all the encouragement I can get,” said pitcher Jon Lester, who was among the dozen or so players to put calls into the stadium operations team to request the song as their own. “No one claps when I’m stepping to the plate, so having this song play would be a big boost for me.”

Added Lester: “Maybe I could even hit one out of the infield every few months.”