Over the weekend, the Bulls announced the hiring of Toni Kukoc as a special advisor to team president Michael Reinsdorf. Kukoc, who was a key member of team’s last three championships in the 1990s, will have a wide range of responsibilities, from relating to international players to talking to business partners and fans.

Former teammate Scottie Pippen, who has been in a similar role with the team since 2012, was none too happy to hear of Kukoc’s hiring. As a form of protest, Pippen sat out the last 1.8 seconds of the team’s regular Monday morning staff meeting at the United Center.

“No way is this dude going to overshadow me again,” said Pippen. “If we’re going to close a deal with an international prospect, I’m taking the final shot, no questions asked.”

After storming out of the staff meeting, Pippen was spotted at a downtown Chicago eatery, where he left the waiter a 1.8 percent tip.

Jeremy Barewin