The seventh annual ESPN the Magazine Body Issue has been released. This year’s edition features prominent athletes like Kevin Love, Odell Beckham Jr., and Bryce Harper. Not featured is Cubs President, Theo Epstein. However, the internet was a buzz when leaked body issue photos of a younger Epstein were leaked. Epstein, in 2009, posed for photos for the inaugural issue but the photos were nixed after Epstein had a change of heart.

“To say I’m beyond embarrassed by these photos is an understatement,” said Epstein. “That was a dark period in my life. I was young. I was stupid. Frankly, I needed the money. It was during those last Red Sox years that I was my most vulnerable. Everyday was a battle with [Larry] Lucchino. He was using me. I needed to get back at him. I needed to feel beautiful. He was going to notice me. But how? Then ESPN threw me a ton of money, and well next thing I knew my dignity was gone. I went home and cried all night in the shower, ‘What have I done?’ The only thing that helped was dancing on Fridays at Male Encounter.¬†Again those days are in my past and I ask now for privacy.”

When reached for comment, Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts was disappointed. “I keep waiting for ESPN to call me back. Hell, I’ll just leak my own photos.”