It was a sea of red. Blackhawk nation was in full effect at the team’s victory parade. Approximately 2 million people attended with another 60,000 at the rally at Soldier Field. It was a jubilant time for everyone — except Stan Bowman.

Apparently the Hawks GM did not find Kris Versteeg and Joakim Nordstrom’s rendition of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “And We Danced” humorous.

Andrew Shaw said that Bowman appeared to be heated as he pulled Versteeg aside shortly after the rally.

“He was screaming at Kris, ‘You call that singing? If I ever hear you disrespect Macklemore again I’ll send your butt to the Panthers. I never wanna hear you do that again!”

John McDonough admitted the confrontation had taken place.

“It was all a misunderstanding. Chris and Jo didn’t realize how much Macklemore has meant to Stan,” said McDonough. “He gets emotional about Macklemore, I think, because it was his father, Scotty, that introduced him to his music. I was there that night Scotty came in Stan’s office and said you really need to hear this. Honestly I don’t think Stan has been the same since Thrift Shop.”

Versteeg was confused in the aftermath of the rally.

“We were having a great time and the fans seemed to really be into it. Next thing I know, Stan is chewing me out. Who knew he was so into Macklemore? Now I’m scared I’ll be playing for Buffalo next season.”

Bowman acknowledged his affinity for Macklemore. He also said he respected Ryan Lewis, but was more of a Macklemore guy. When Bowman was asked why he was such a fan of Macklemore’s music, he responded, “Who isn’t?”