While fans amassed around Wrigley Field Monday night for another Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory celebration, the story lost in the mix was the record number of people congregated at U.S. Cellular Field. Witnesses spotted upwards of a dozen people basking either in a drug-induced stupor, or some sort of presumptive joy as a result of the win. The estimate accounted for a remarkable 50% increase since the previous Stanley Cup South Side record of eight back in 2013.

However, critics lashed back today claiming the numbers were inflated. A local chopper reportedly spotted four of the attendees and claimed they never stepped foot out of their Camaros. And, at least six others were believed to be drunken rowdies that took a wrong turn after partying too hard on Madison. The last two simply made the mistake of getting off at the wrong Red Line stop.

Nonetheless, the scene was more vibrant than it had been in two years since the last championship.

Heckler Brian