It’s been a rough few weeks for the North Siders. Some off-the-field distractions have left fans of the team feeling a little bit frustrated and despondent. Thankfully, a new PR campaign generated by the Cubs brain trust has totally turned any negativity around and generated what many people are calling the happiest, most wonderful, feel-good success story in the history of social media.

#AskClarkTheCub was launched as a way for Cubs fans to vent their frustrations in a dignified way. It was supposed to be a forum to complain to management. Instead, not a single negative comment has even been registered. A sampling of some of the jovial comments is listed below:

  • #Clark How Come You’re So Awesome? @Cut my femur on the unfinished bleachers
  • Your such a great mascot it’s totally worth the wait @Peeing in a cup during the 7th inning stretch
  • You bring us the respectability we’ve been lacking for the last century @Kris Bryant’s contract situation has been handled smoothly #LuvScottBoras4ever
  • Do you feel as safe as I do in the new portapotties #RapeWhistles #PepperSpray
  • My wife and I love you Clark more than life itself @ $15.00 OldStyles are so worth it
  • Cancelled games give us a chance to do other things
  • Why are you so great Clark? @WhiteSox fans and Classy Cardinals fans are fun to hang out with as well #WeAreAllInThisTogether
  • I Don’t mind the construction delays because I know it will all be over soon. I trust whatever Laura Ricketts tells me
  • Clark do you agree with me that #JoeMaddon is awesome at handling our pitchers? #JakeArrieta is not going to being overworked at all this year