Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney today announced fans could use his executive bathroom at Wrigley Field rather than wait in the lines that lasted longer than an hour at some points during Sunday night’s 3-0 Opening Night loss to the Cardinals.

“I’ve always said I’m a man of the people,” said Kenney. “And to prove it, I’m going to allow fans the opportunity to use my modest 950-sq. ft. executive restroom to do what I can to help with the major restroom issues we had last night.”

Kenney said he’s only allowed his restroom to be used by someone else one other time, when co-owner Todd Ricketts was locked out of his. As a result, he made a request of all future guests.

“Just please don’t pee in in the jacuzzi or sauna,” said Kenney. “That’s what when I let Todd use my bathroom and it’s not been the same since.”