As Tuesday night ended all Bulls and Hawks fans went to sleep fresh off recent wins optimistic for the playoff season soon to come. Just as suddenly as the Super Fans finished counting Mini-Ditkas and fell asleep, five million sports fans in the greater Chicago area awoke suddenly to a great disturbance in the Force. It was as if two life forces had been simultaneously snuffed out by the dark side.

“I woke up at 3:33 A.M. to the weirdest feeling,” said Allen “Pink Panther” Nardeck. “It was as if some evil Emperor told me I needed to check my sports feed immediately.”

Allen like many other Chicago fans was disturbed to see the two best players for Blackhawks and Bulls were both sidelined with potentially season ending, and most certainly championship run ending injuries. Not since the likes of Steve Bartman, Jay Cutler, Eric Daze and Bob Love has the shroud of darkness fallen over Chicago in so swiftly.

This leaves many Chicago Sports fans in disarray with no clear meaning-full sports to watch leaving many to turn their attention to the Cubs and White Sox in February for the first time since 2005. Allen has even begun booking a trip to see the White Sox at camp. “Hey is Paulie K. still hitting dingers? I hear Scott Podsednik is going to have a great year.”

By Matt M.