Following an embarrassing playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts, pizza chain Papa John’s and Nationwide Insurance have asked Peyton Manning for refunds on payments made to the Denver quarterback for appearing in their television commercials.

By the game’s end, the insurance giant reported that its overnight stock future prices dropped to their lowest level since the start of the recession in late 2007. A company spokesperson commented, “For one thing, Peyton can’t sing,” referring to Manning’s crooning of the company’s signature jingle, ‘Nationwide is on your side.’

“And he sure as shit can’t play quarterback.”

Founder “Papa” John Schnatter said pizza sales during the game plunged 20 percent after the Colts took an early 7-point lead, and declined 63 percent by the middle of the fourth quarter.

“If I wanted to lose money, I would have hired Jay Cutler to do my commercials,” Schnatter said.