Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook has inspired a new United Center promotional idea with his unique style of play. A new card will now appear among other contests already in place, such as the Haribo Gummy Bear Race on the United Center video board. Each fan’s card will contain a number. If Seabrook commits as many turnovers as the number on the card, that fan will win a free Brent Seabrook t-shirt.

The Blackhawks tried out the new idea on Tuesday night for the first time. Season ticket holder Tommy Peterson said, “My card was 8. I really thought I was going to win as Seabrook had 8 turnovers late in the third, but then he lazily attempted a pass in our zone and ended up with 9 turnovers. Oh well! Maybe next time!”

The contest is clearly a big hit with the fans. Senior Executive Director of Marketing, Pete Hassen, gave his reasoning for the new idea: “Look, if Seabrook is going to turn the puck over so many times, the fans might as well be entertained by it if this isn’t going to stop. I mean, it’s the least our fans deserve, really.”

The organization is also seriously considering a “How Many Times Will the Other Team Save Icing Because Duncan Keith Didn’t Hustle” idea.