After serving up the Detroit Lions secondary on Thanksgiving, Jay Cutler wanted nothing more than to redeem himself at the family’s annual meal later that weekend. Unfortunately, the Bears quarterback continued his poor showing during dinner, continually passing dishes to the wrong family members.

“I’m not gonna lie: It was a rough outing,” said Cutler. “Those picks were on me. That probably explains my performance at dinner. My head just wasn’t in it. My family is very forgiving. I’ll be more prepared for the Christmas festivities.”

Bears GearCutler’s mother was embarrassed about her son’s performance but was confident he can learn from his bungles.

“I’ll admit it was disappointing, but Jay has that gunslinger’s mentality,” said Mrs. Cutler. “He was trying to pass the cranberries to his father sitting two seats away, but he sailed the dish across the table to his grandfather. The mashed potatoes were passed the wrong way several times. The kids were crying but we all have faith in our Jay.”

“It started so promising as he was able to handle the passing of the stuffing but as more family members started to sit down the pressure seemed to rattle him,” said Cutler’s wife, Kristin Cavallari. “It ended poorly when our son, Camden handed him blueberry pie and he dropped it. It was right in his hands too and he just dropped it.”

Cutler’s father, Jack wasn’t as forgiving about the dinner debacle.

“I’m starting to think this kid’s never gonna get it,” said the elder Cutler. “I’m sorry but he’s done this a few years in a row now. Tonight I asked him for the cornbread and he passes it to my brother. Are you serious? I don’t get what goes on in his head.”