Following multiple crushing losses, head coach Marc Trestman has emphatically cited the Bears great practices as his primary excuse during post-game press conferences. The puzzled coach is now putting the team’s preparatory issues into perspective that may be plaguing their game day performance.

“It’s true we see many positive things from our offense and defense throughout the course of practice,” said Trestman. “Our struggling defense generates a lot of turnovers and our ineffective offense mostly moves the ball at will. The problem we’ve identified is that the units are always scrimmaging each other and clouding our judgement.”

In an effort to “shake things up”, Trestman reached out to several unidentified local high school and community college teams to summon their participation at practice. The cerebral coach is confident this move will steer his team in the right direction.

“We know the talent we have and it’s our job to position them in a successful situation,” Trestman added. “The move to this new format is paying off. Jay [Cutler] has already cut his turnovers in half and the defense only gives up 40 points per practice. That sounds like progress to me.”

Heckler Brian