Did you see the highlights last night? The man known around town as the most physically fit man in all of Kansas City was on-hand to give World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner a car for his dominant World Series Performance. Even veteran reporter Erin Andrews seemed flustered in the presence of the man who sometimes bench-presses as much as 30, even 40 pounds at one time, A Kansas City record.

For Bumgarner, a man who won three world series games on his own with seemingly no trouble at all, the pressure finally got to him as he found himself in the presence of the only man to ever successfully complete the Kansas City 1.2 mile Ultra-super Marathon. Even Bud Selig, while akwardly scratching his head, wondered why somebody whose physical fitness was so profound, surpassing the entire city and pretty much every surrounding town until you hit Chicago wasn’t on the field for at least a few innings of a taut game 7.

The gifted Iron Man who is also credited with being Andy Reid’s personal trainer gave Bumgarner his new car keys after making the exhausting trek all the way to the top of the podium. When the Nepalese Sherpas escorting him up the perilous path offered this man oxygen he refused, because true competitors don’t need help, especiallyif you’re the man who once made it through an entire 15 minute Cross-fit warm-up session without dying, another Kansas City Record.