Monday, June 24, 2024

Kansas City’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ gives World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner a brand-new car

Did you see the highlights last night? The man known around town as the most physically fit man in all of Kansas City was on-hand to give World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner a car for his dominant World Series Performance.

White Sox and Tigers conspire to get Royals into the playoffs

With the Tigers and White Sox both sputtering down the stretch, a noted sports psychologist believes both teams are subconsciously tanking out of sympathy for the third-place and mathematically eliminated Royals, who have not made the postseason since 1985.

White Sox acquire 5th-place in AL Central from Royals in shocking trade

“We’re going to suck, but it’s only because we want to suck. That’s how you get the first crack at the top prospects,” said Williams. “The Royals used to have a stranglehold on last place in the division but they’ve decided they want to try and win now, and we wanted to get the high draft picks. It just worked out.”

Hendry wakes up from four-day slumber to learn Brewers acquired Grienke

Cubs GM Jim Hendry's annual pre-Christmas week four-day nap ended Sunday morning when his cell phone rang with news that the rival Brewers had acquired Cy Young winner Zach Grienke from the Royals.