Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was chatting with the local media recently when he delivered a bombshell.

“The family and I were throwing out ideas today,” said Ricketts. “Did you know that the Cubs have the worst home winning percentage since 1945? 1945! Maybe it’s best we don’t have our home games at the Friendly Confines.”

Ricketts was then asked where the Cubs would play and if this was a wise idea.

“Guys, I know this sounds sacrilegious. However, if we’re gonna win this thing one of these years we need to start thinking outside the box. Maybe we play all home games at Miller Park or U.S. Cellular. All possibilities are open.”

“Our goal first and foremost is that World Series championship. I have to say though it’s pretty cool to bring the fans [Bruce] Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Billy Joel. The added revenue from these outdoor concerts would really boost the Cubs bottom line. Maybe having Taylor Swift play here a few weekends would help us afford Max Scherzer. Fans wouldn’t be complaining then. Hey, did you know the Foo Fighters sold out in 17 minutes? Why can’t we have these concerts all season long? Imagine the buzz for the Black Keys, Metallica or Kanye [West]?”

Ricketts also mentioned that he’d like to see future festivals like Lollapalooza or Riot Fest take place at Wrigley Field.

“Wouldn’t that be a fun weekend? Oh, but you’d rather watch the Astros. Those festivals make a killing and we should be getting in on that cash.”

Lastly, Ricketts was asked who he’d like to see play a future concert at Wrigley.

“I’m a long-time Cure fan. Nine Inch Nails as well. Also, I’ve gotten into Vampire Weekend and Die Antwoord. Maybe TV On the Radio. Deadmau5. I have to say though a Jay-Z/Eminem show would be at the top.”