Proving they are serious about fielding a team that will compete year-in and year-out for the Pacific League Championship, the Iowa Cubs announced today that they have signed baseball’s #1 prospect Kris Bryant to a lucrative 7-year deal.

Team President and GM Sam Bernabe was ecstatic as he announced the signing during a press conference at Principal Park in Des Moines. “What we have here is a young man who will not only be the foundation upon which we will build a championship-caliber team, but also someone who has proven that he is one with the community.”

While Bernabe wouldn’t quote exact figures, sources knowledgeable with the deal are indicating that Bryant will be paid upwards of $300,000 during the contract, or roughly $42,857 per year, which is two-and-a-half times what the average Minor League player makes.

Bryant’s contract is also rumored to have an incentive clause that includes four tickets to most weekday games, 10% off concessions in the Left Field Picnic Area, 15% off any purchase under $35 from the Backstop online store, use of the company van on off days, and guaranteed part-time employment in the offseason at nearby Fong’s Pizza.