Soldier Field head groundskeeper John Carlson was watching TV recently when he saw a commercial that made him do a double-take.

“I was thinking, ‘Here we go again. Another political ad.’ However, when I saw Governor Quinn cutting his lawn, I got up off my couch,” said Carlson. “I knew. It was the way he was using that old fashioned lawn mower. Did you see the richness of his lawn? No misplaced or torn sod, not even any brown grass. There were no puddles, no mud. I don’t know how he does it.”

Governor Quinn confirmed contact from the Chicago Park District.

“If the people of Illinois want me to be there helping the grounds crew on Sundays, I’ll be there,” commented the Governor. “I’ve always thought I had a unique skill when it comes to my lawn. There was a time at Georgetown I¬†considered majoring in horticulture. My passion, beyond helping the people of the great state of Illinois,¬†is my front lawn. The Governor’s mansion has more grass than Soldier Field, so I know I’m qualified. The people of Illinois know I’m qualified.”

Carlson added, “I, at this time, cannot confirm nor deny if Governor Quinn will be at the next home game helping us. He’s on the campaign trail. Although you might see a familiar face on a John Deere if you come a little early.”