Cubs President Theo Epstein today spoke with reporters to reflect on the 2014 season, which he called a “massive success,” because the team managed to pile up ts highest win total since 2010, a season and a half prior to joining Chicago’s front office.

“Before we start talking about 2015, let’s take a minute to acknowledge that we put together a 73-win season,” said Epstein. “At one point this season, our starting lineup had six guys batting .220 or lower and somehow we came within eight wins of a .500 year. Is that not good for anything?”

Epstein assured fans and the media that his minute of reflection on 2014 won’t take away from his goal of improving the team in 2016.

“I know you all want to hear about how I’m going to ditch Edwin Jackson and the $22 million we still owe him for the next two seasons, when Kris Bryant will join the big league club and how we’re going to get Javy Baez to stop striking out every other at bat, and I don’t blame you,” said Epstein. “Soon enough, but for now let’s just sit back and admire our first season with fewer than 90 losses in five years.”

Added Epstein: “And if there’s anyone out there who’s like a new gardener or dog-walker for $11 million a year, please let me know.”