Illinois farmer and Chicago Cubs fan Mark Benson has been rooting for the North Siders for nearly six decades. And in all that time, the 59-year-old die-hard Cubs fan was just waiting for a sign. But that sign never came.

Until now.

“Goats are notoriously fickle animals,” he said. “They’ll climb fences, plot escapes and, of course, place hexes on professional sports teams. Well, the other day, Lilo was just grazing on some grass when he looked up and said, ‘the Cubs curse is over, starting next year.’ I couldn’t believe my ears!”

Benson was still filled with glee hours later.

“It makes sense. Everybody thought it was an eternal curse. But like I said, goats are fickle. They don’t want to be tied to a particular position forever, so they made it a 70-year-curse. With prospects like Soler, Baez, Bryant, Russell and Hendricks, it all makes sense.”

“2015 World Series, here we come!” Benson added, before going to feed his cows.