After hosting this year’s ESPY awards, rapper Drake was offered to host the 2015 ESPY awards as well, but had to decline because of scheduling conflicts.

Seeking to capitalize on Drizzy’s fame, ESPN has asked his number one fan to host. The anonymous female that had “Drake” tattooed on her forehead back in 2011 was officially announced this morning via ESPN’s Twitter page.

“It was actually Johnny Manziel’s idea. I saw him in the hotel lobby around 3AM with about 4 or 5 women in bikinis,” said John Skipper, president of ESPN. “I told him that Drake couldn’t host next year and after initial disappointment he suggested … actually I’m not sure what her real name is.”

It was rumored that Justin Bieber would be next year’s host, but ESPN was leery of having two Canadians host the event in successive years. Also, ESPN reportedly wanted someone more talented than Bieber.

It has already been confirmed that Chris Anderson (aka “the Birdman”) will appear in a sketch with the female host, playing her tattoo artist. Tattooed luminaries David Beckham and Colin Kaepernick have expressed their approval of the selection via Twitter.

“This woman is no different than a member of the dawg pound, Red Sox nation, or the cheeseheads,” said Skipper. “We’ve seen a rise in the kids today getting tattoos of their favorite team or athlete. Do you know how many LeBron tattoos I’ve seen today? Hell, even Rick Pitino got a tattoo after his Louisville squad won the NCAA championship. She’s a fantastic choice after Drake and we’re excited to have her host.”

There has been no confirmation yet if the person with the world’s most famous face tattoo, Mike Tyson, has agreed to partake in next year’s ESPYs.