The fun continues at Wrigley Field during the 100th anniversary celebration of the opening of the iconic baseball stadium.

Of the many promotions this season, perhaps none was more successful than “Throw Up, Throw Back Day” during a game with the Atlanta Braves when fans were invited to puke at-will in bathroom troughs, a normal practice during the 1969 season.

“I haven’t barfed this much since my days at Ray’s Bleacher Bar when I was 16 years old,” Wally Sczerzen, 61-year old Bucktown neighborhood resident said. “Back then, for me it was three cans of Hamm’s and bombs away.”

“There wasn’t a better time in my life than when I was blowing chunks at Wrigley during that magical 1969 season,” Ralph Pardo, 65, of suburban Gurnee said. “The highlight of that year for me was when I spewed an entire Ron Santo’s Pizza and a Frosty Malt into that bastard Pete Rose’s ball cap.”

“My sons had a blast today,” Allison Perkins of Winnetka said of her boys, Oliver, 4, and Tristan, 2. “Until today, I don’t think they’ve ever thrown up. The kids liked it so much that I might take them to Taco Bell for dinner tonight.”

Fans entering the ball park received official Cubs puke bags sponsored by Spirit Airlines.