Citing their dominance in the post-season so far, including a 7-0 mark at home, Hawks players have asked coach Joel Quenneville if they could have Game 3 off vs the LA Kings so they could all go to Disneyland.

Originally it looked like the Blackhawks were going to play Games 1 and 2 of the Western Conference Finals in Anaheim, which would have put them right next door to Disneyland. However, when that didn’t happen, the players realized that if they didn’t act fast, they might miss out on a trip they’ve all been dreaming about. After all, what’s the point of a dominating playoff run if you can’t stop and take the Monorail to Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.

Heavy is the jersey that carries the “C” and that’s why captain Jonathan Toews spoke on behalf of his team.

“C’mon coach, please, please can we go?” he begged. “Look, we’ve been killing it in the playoffs so far and all we’re asking is one game off so we can go see Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Mad Tea Party and the Indiana Jones Adventure. Other teams who’ve been eliminated already get to go. Why not us? It’s not fair.”

Even right winger Marian Hossa got in on the action by pointing out that last year against these same Kings the Hawks mailed it in during Game 3 and still won in five games.

“Give us that day off so we can go to Disneyland,” said Hossa. “Crawford’s been lights-out for us and the guy needs some Space Mountain time. Also, he really wants to get a picture with the cast of the Incredibles on Ice. Please can we go??!!?”

As Quenneville continued to mull his players’ proposal, unconfirmed reports continued to circulate that Patrick Sharp knew a guy who could also get the team into Magic Castle afterwards so they could all see the Palace of Mystery, as well as a performance by the Secret Society of Junior Magicians.